Wild Turkey "Russells Reserve", Bourbon Whiskey (USA) 750ml

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Russell’s Reserve Small Batch Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey - the product name is a mouthful and is perhaps one of the longest formal names for a spirit that covered. The name is probably unnecessarily long saying that something is small batch and single barrel is fairly redundant and slightly confusing. Adding the term “small batch” to the label may be a carryover from the previous Russell’s release, and wouldn’t be shocked if future bottling omitted the words small batch in favor of simply single barrel. Name aside, Wild Turkey’s Russell’s Reserve line has always been a place for Master Distiller Jimmy Russell to showcase some of the best whiskey he has aging in wild Turkey’s rack houses. Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon (110 Proof / 55% ABV), Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel is deep amber in color. The nose is a nice blend of oak spice, cinnamon, rye, vanilla, pecan, and a touch of maple all traditional notes come to associate with Wild Turkey, only deeper and more intensified. The oak spice here is commensurate with older bourbon, solid oak but not so overpowering that the other aromas can’t come through. For a 110 proof barrel strength whiskey the nose is much more subtle and approachable than we’d expect, which goes to Jimmy Russell’s overall style, which is bold without being overpowering. How much you enjoy Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon will greatly depend on how much you like oak. If you are looking for a big, bold, oaky whiskey, then you’ve found it.

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