Skinny Girl Prosecco, Brut, 100 Calories Sparkling Wines

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The Skinnygirl Prosecco Brut (not sweet) is a non-vintage Bubbly made from the Glera grape in the DOC Prosecco growing area of Veneto, Italy. That basically is the definition of Prosecco, it has to produced from the Glera grape that is grown in the Prosecco region, otherwise it is simply a Spumante, which is Italian for Sparkling wine. The Skinnygirl Prosecco is 100 calories for a 5 oz glass and is 11% alcohol, Prosecco is typically around 20 calories per oz and 11% alcohol content is common, so this Skinnygirl wine isn’t about low cal or low alcohol, it’s about drinking Bubbly. Well, the Skinnygirl Prosecco may not save you any calories or alcohol percentage from the typical Prosecco on the shelves, but it is a rather tasty, delicate, crisp and almost elegant Sparkling wine. Maybe a bit too delicate to pair with a meal, but fine as an aperitif or served at a party. Who knew that Prosecco was already a diet friendly wine. Skinnygirl® Prosecco is far from typical sparkling wine, ladies.  She’s a bubbly mix of light and crisp, of sass and class, that’s sure to make any occasion extraordinary whether planning a night in, heading out with the girls, or making memories at a birthday bash.

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