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Creme Yvette begins in the late 19th century. It was first produced and sold in the USA in approximately 1890 by the Sheffield Company of Connecticut. Subsequently, it was purchased by Charles Jacquin et Cie., America's Oldest Cordial Company, in 1900, at which point, Creme Yvette was sold throughout the world. The Cooper Spirits Company is proud to make the re-introduction, nearly a century later, and revive this icon of the golden age of cocktails. Today, Creme Yvette is hand crafted in France. Creme Yvette is incredibly well crafted, near Bordeaux, France. As mentioned above, creme yvette is a blend of two main ingredients, berrys and violet flowers. Four main berries are blended: mure, framboise, cassis and fraise sauvage. Dried violet petals come from Provence. These are then pressed to extract the flavor, after which honey and orange peel are added, making for a flavor that is so much more than violet. The vinimatic “pressoir” employs a pneumatic press to extract intense, rich flavor from our fruit and botanical blend. As a final touch, add a touch of honey and orange peel.

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