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A younger blended Scotch of distinction, this Bull gets our attention immediately. Featuring a 50 percent grain and 50 percent barley mash, it charges with a complex nose that speaks to the United Kingdom's traditional foods such as biscuits, fruitcake and buttered brown bread, plus a honeyed nuttiness. Black Bull is an older whisky brand from the 1930's resurrected in 2001 by Duncan Taylor, the company behind this blended whisky. It is comprised of 50% malted whisky and 50% grain whisky, which is quite a healthy dose of malt for a blend. It is also bottled at 50% abv and un-chill filtered. Comprised of both single malt(s) and single grain(s) often from many different distilleries, if scotch or irish must be aged for at least three years in oak barrels, irish may include single pot still whiskey in the blend.

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