Hazelburn 8 Year Old,Campbeltown, Single Malt Scotch whisky

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Youngish one from Hazelburn, Springbank's triple-distilled, unpeated single malt, a more Lowland-esque dram than its Campbelltown origins might suggest.

The newest addition to the range of whiskies produced at Springbank, Hazelburn gains its light, delicate character through being distilled three times in the distillery's old copper stills. Hazelburn is made with unpeated barley, making the spirit light, fruity and very, very subtle. 1997 saw the first distillation of Hazelburn and the first release of the whisky as an eight year old in 2005 was so successful that all 6,000 bottles sold out within a matter of weeks. Like Longrow, Hazelburn is named after one of the old Campbeltown distilleries. Most of the distillery buildings are still standing, though the distillery is long defunct. 60% bourbon 40% sherry cask.

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