Bruichladdich Rocks (The Rhinns Of Islay, A Land Apart), UnPeated Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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Classic Bruichladdich is unpeated, floral and complex. Trickle distilled from 100% scottish barley using much of the original victorian machinery, the methods employed by the craftsmen to slowly coax the spirit into being, continue unchanged.

Their spirit matures for all its life in their warehouses on the shores of loch indaal and is bottled at the distillery using islay spring water. This is natural whisky, non-chill filtered and colouring free.

Bruichladdich is living proof that the traditional whisky regions of Scotland make no sense. Please don't think that labelling a whisky "Islay" has anything to do with taste because the truth is far more complicated and interesting.

Built in 1881 when puffer-supplied coal was available as an alternative fuel to local peat, it is likely that Bruichladdich was specifically designed to produce the purest unpeated spirit possible. The great Alfred Barnard supports this view with a tantalising clue - the Laddie is the only distillery on Islay that he does not describe as drying its malt using peat in his fascinating exploration of the island's distilleries in 1885.

Sadly, none of that 19th century spirit survives, but the original Victorian machinery has allowed an unparalleled legacy of craft distilling to trickle down through the generations of men who make this sophisticated Islay dram. They salute them, not with bland homogeneity, but with a glorious palette of expressions that celebrate the range of possibilities of this, the world's greatest spirit.

Bruichladdich Rocks, in more ways than one – as only bruichladdich can.a bracing, light and floral dram that expresses both the marine top-notes of classic bruichladdich spirit and master distiller Jim Mcewan’s lifetime experience. Jim has selected individual casks from their warehouses from a variety of vintages and then created this vatting, with further maturation in French red wine casks, allowing all the distinct components to melt together into this delicious, rounded and fruity dram. The quality is a testament to Jim’s cooperage experience, his extraordinary palate, the quality of the American and French oak, and the quality of the rhinns of Islay water they use that for millennia has filtered up through the 1.8 billion year-old gneiss rock – the oldest rocks in the whisky world!. Gregarious. eager, enthusiastic, tireless. Designed as an aperitif malt, or as here on Islay, to be enjoyed instead of tea. Takes water well. Light, bright and full of joy! A fresh, vibrant spirit brimming with the unique flavours of the Hebrides.

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