AsomBroso Anejo 5 Gran Reserva Tequila, Aged 5 Years

SKU 2014112800094D

AsomBroso Extra Anejo Tequila - Aged at least 5 years in French Oak casks, a smooth and mellow sipping Tequila.

All AsomBroso Tequilas are prepared with only the best hand selected Agave plants at peak maturity, produced using old fashioned methods and state of the art modern technology, using multiple distillation and filtration processes.

To become Gran Reserva, 100% Blue Agave Silver is aged 5 years in new French oak barrels. This gives premium Anejo a full-bodied taste that critics have compared to an aged Cognac or Armagnac. To fully appreciate the experience recommend serving Gran Reserva in a snifter rather than a shot glass.

At first pleasantly surprised by the sweet, delicate, honey-like opening nose; the honey component expands to include vanilla, butter-cream and toffee, yielding to a smooth caramel finish.

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