Aalborg Taffel Aqvavit vodka

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Aalborg Aquavit is based on a secret recipe dating back more than five centuries. It's the drink that is the Danish translation for Water of Life. Based on a secret Danish recipe dating back more than five centuries, Aalborg Akvavit closely resembles imported flavored vodka. It's a unique and mysterious crystal clear Danish Spirit. Aquavit, literally translated as water of life is a traditional pale grape or grain spirit first distilled centuries ago in the pastoral regions of Northern Italy, France, Sweden, Iceland and Denmark. The best known brands are the Swedish O.P. Anderson, the Norweigian Gambol of Linie and the Danish Aarlborg. The drink, traditionally made with carraway and an arak spirit base was supposedly discovered by alchemists searching for the secret of eternal youth and beauty. The akvavit produced for the first two hundred years or so was not particularly attractive however in fact, it was actually a bit cloudy and coarse. To be at its best, Aquavit should be served in small aquavit glasses and chilled.

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