1988 Inglenook Petite Sirah, Napa Valley Wine

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The Inglenook Winery is one of Napa Valley's oldest, producing wine from its vineyards for more than a century with a regretable interruption from the Prohibition years. In recent years, the staid matron of Rutherford has been shaking some of the dust from her garments and has produced a series of wonderful wines the majority of them big, bold reds.

What makes Inglenook's wines so easy to appreciate is that (A) they are, for the most part, very well made; (B) they are, while not cheap, extremely good values for the money, and (C) since Inglenook is a good-sized producer, these wines are in good supply. Francis and Eleanor Coppola purchased the property in 1975 and have spent forty years reuniting the original vineyards, returning winemaking operations to the chateau, and restoring Inglenook’s illustrious heritage with the help of renowned wine consultant Stephane Derenoncourt and Managing Director and Winemaker Philippe Bascaules.

In honor of this estate and its historical significance, they have restored the name, Inglenook. Petite Sirah is red wine grape grown mainly in California. Petite Sirah produces a big full-bodied wine with deep colors and robust pepper flavors. With strong tannins, Petite Sirah can age well.

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